The lapel pin is a classic art form. The balance and composition of the genre pleases me. But I like to make stuff bigger than 2 or 3 inches. How about clothing accessories for 80-foot tall people?

This particular piece started with a motorcycle wheel, a brass plated casting, the back of a wicker chair, a run-over cake pan, a car panel found on a bike ride and a hardwood heat register grate. The statue with its back to us suggests the individual struggling with abandonment while interminably searching for reciprocity in an insouciant world. Add a little LED lighting and some vintage reproduction light bulbs and a very tall person is out on the town in style. Mind your head!

Collection of Marshall Powell and Brooke Kiener

Lapel Pin #2 – Wicker, Fan and Auto
Lapel Pin #2 – Wicker, Fan and Auto
49"h x 26"w x 11"d