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Artwork in this gallery can be purchased. I haven't been able to implement PayPal for the larger pieces (because of shipping complications), so contact me directly about the piece you're interested in. I can accept checks and and all major credit cards.


Rearview Closeup
27”w x 31”h x 6”d
Real Effort
33”w x 36”h x 9”d
East of Bagan
Mixed Media
21”w x 44”h x 11”d
Kept Soundly
Mixed Media
17”w x 22”h x 14”d
Dark Star Bypass
Mixed Media
37”w x 21”h x 6”d
Break Tune (OBAK)
Mixed Media
43”w x 27”h x 4”d
All Roads
Mixed Media
28”w x 28”h x 6”d
Infinity Train
Mixed Media
15”w x 11”h x 8”d
Aesthetic Contraption
Mixed Media
31”w x 31”h x 6”d
Lapel Pin #10 - Swimming Armor
Mixed Media
47"w x 71"h x 6"d
Brass and Rust
Mixed Media with LED and Incandescent Lighting Lighting
39”w x 29”h x 12”d
16”w x 11”h x 6”d
Lost is Found
Lost is Found
BTh Angle Frames
12"w x 9"h x 1"d
Balanced Frame Up
12’w x 10”h x 2.5”d
Wire Canvas #2
6"w x 10"h x 4"d
Self Portrait with Brush
13"w x 9"h x 3"d
Fur Gazing Lantern
7”w x 10”h x 7”d
Hardware Music
12"w x 14"h x 4.5"d