To me, the lapel pin is a classic art form. From elegantly complex to spare minimalist, it adheres to rigid rules of relative size and location on the body. The balance and composition of the genre please me. But I like to make stuff bigger than 2 or 3 inches. So how about clothing accessories for 100-foot tall people?

I used a large rusted steel ring as the anchor then built up a collection of sticks: conduit covered in duct tap, painted bamboo, copper pipe, broom handles and wood scraps.
The curving side pieces are back chair legs laminated with out-of-focus photographs of some of my art. There's also a smashed chrome wheel ring colorfully painted with alcohol ink, a rice cooker with a sheet of patina-ed copper, imitation turquoise, two thrift store lanterns, a damaged boat propeller and couple of foosball players.

Lapel Pin #1 - Rice Propeller Vigil
Lapel Pin #1 - Rice Propeller Vigil
26”w x 55”h x 7”d