Tall, narrow artwork can fit almost anywhere, right? Even in a home where the occupants can't imagine where they'd put a new piece of art. That was the notion explored in choosing a long, narrow shipping carton as the framework for a new piece. The cardboard was covered in Hydrocal (tm) and meticulously painted and detailed. There's a hook at the top form which is suspended a wooden rod that holds all the components: a tea ball strainer, two fossilized walrus vertebra with silver and gold leaf respectively, a 1950s action figure in a wiry dilemma, a fake ruby amulet attached to a cylinder covered with my own whiskers, a green-flocked rubber stamp and, of course, a real tailpipe at the bottom.

Private Collection

Walrus Tailpipe Totem
Walrus Tailpipe Totem
7”w x 58”h x 7”d