A memorial piece for a loved one who tragically died too soon. Having heard stories about him, what he loved and what interested him, I was able to bring many items to the work to combine with some of the things he left behind.

I found a twisted and torn corrugated culvert pipe that served as the base with which the other things began fitting. The brightly colored wooden pieces were from a math/geometry game. There's his Hot Wheels track with cars and some support structure created with his Lego-like assembly pieces. I brought to the project other elements: spikes, pewter wine goblets, bicycle parts, big nose and glasses, light bulb and the wings cut from a fancy perforated metal and covered with used coffee filters. The interior light was created with yellow LEDs behind a piece of cream-colored plastic. And there's a story behind the wall switch at the bottom.

He and my client had pictures taken in a photo booth that I scanned, Photoshopped into small strips of images, photo-transferred to a long strip of thin aluminum flashing and threaded through the piece.

My goal was to try to capture tanguish, memories, humor and beauty.

Private Collection

Josh Memory
Josh Memory
25”w x 42”h x 11”d