As of December 1, 2015, there is hope and optimism that Wind Gate will be a permanent part of the new headquarters for Spokane Public Radio at the corner of Monroe Street and Mallon Avenue. I hope it will be available for viewing after February 1, 2016. Fingers crossed! Read on...

The gate was shut down. An entire era was suddenly lost from history. No one remembers what it looked like. The brave souls that fought to create a path back to our "natural" history received only anonymity as their inevitable reward. The memory displacement background effect, collateral damage produced by microdimensional soul stem flyback, wipes out every memory with it. Gone. Like it never happened. Considering the resulting scale of such profound reality stabilization, it was a small price to pay. No memory. But no heroes either. Only very subtle but necessarily contradictory physical evidence was detectable, revealing a crystalline chain of events that couldn't possibly have happened. And, in a way, didn't.

Seventy years later, a team lead by the elderly granddaughter of the last surviving soul stem existineer, two historians and a physicist, pieced together fragments and quantum "dust" that begin to tell the story that only a few believed. And so, to honor and remember those who struggled to defeat and neutralize that dark, alternate existence, fully understood by no one, this memorial artwork of the gate was designed and built. And, a century later, forgotten.

I and a small team of pioneers in intentional dreaming and reverse occipital research have started piecing things together. We discovered this apparently nonfunctional artwork in the estate sale of a deceased author of time travel fiction. I hope that proceeds from its sale can help continue our research. If we can learn what actually "happened," it is possible we can begin to devise a defense of our reality and keep our tiny corner of the multiverse safe and free. And real.

Lapel Pin #8 - Wind Gate
Lapel Pin #8 - Wind Gate