Infinity Chamber
Infinity Chamber
Mixed Media with Neon and Incandescent Lighting
54"w x 52"h x 9"d

Parts List
• Fiber Case with window, small photo frame vintage-style 30 watt light bulb and dimmer, copper sheet lining
• Flower assembly: hammered aluminum plate colored with alcohol inks and acrylic paint, aluminum petals covered in painted paper, brass petals from flattened decorative plates
• Oxidized brass half-cylinder
• Copper strip with acrylic medium laser transfers of high contrast images of photos of Senegalese fishing boat decorative patterns shot by the artist near Dakar
• Nickel plated flute with missing end section
• Square iron sheet with copper wire and copper tube supports
• Neon infinity sign from Ken Yuhasz’s bone yard of working neon pieces with 15 KV power supply
• 42” drum head stained with black alcohol ink with gold leaf flourishes
• Micro-toggle switch