Pebbles at the Window
Pebbles at the Window
Mixed Media
16”w x 23”h x 5”d

Parts List
• Fabric print wood block purchased in India
• Brass and brazing compound mold for doll face
• Recycled copper wire
• Brass bird
• 1940s electrical screw terminal strip with numbers
• Felt blocks from autoharp
• Slat from recycled wooden chair
• Electrical assemblies of unknown purpose circa 1960
• Copper disc
• Paper-covered brass decorative fan
• Green painted metal scrap
• Burned wooden ruler segment
• Corrugated metal sheet with rubber stamped mark in acrylic paint
• Scrap of crushed aluminum on left
• Scrap of crushed ash can steel on right
• Paper-covered 16” steel ring
• Beaded fringe