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Snowtree from the album "15 Years"

"15 Years" is an album with compositions spanning 15 years of music production from ELLINGSON (aka Larry Ellingson). Some album-oriented new age-ish music, some commercial soundtracks for big slide shows, all created between 1985 and 2000.

All music was constructed as MIDI sequences and "performed" straight to 2-track tape. with no conventional multi-track recording.* An early hardware sequencer (Akai ASQ-10) was later replaced by a Mac with Digital Performer DAW software. All sounds were produced by hardware synthesizers: Korg M3R, Roland D-110. Yamaha TX81Z, Korg M-01R, Roland R5, Ensonic ESQ-1. Ensonic EPS, the Oberheim Cyclone MIDI arpeggiator and several audio effects devices.

American Sunset, Groundcover, Mahashkala, March to May, Nishinomiya and Snowtree were performed live at a benefit concert for Daybreak, June 26, 1990 with visual images by Don Hamilton and the composer.

*except SE Alaska, of which the speaking voice and vocal ensemble were multi-tracked.