In the spring of 2020, my friend, Dario Ré, and his videographer, Morgan Caldbeck, visited our home to shoot a video. The genesis of this production is a song Dario had written for his band, Heat Speak. It's called "Ellingson for Peace". The song reflected the friendship, mutual interests and stories we shared.

I had met Dario a few years ago when the band participated in Spokane's Volume Music Festival by playing at the Washington Cracker Company Building, the home of Terrain, the Terrain Gallery, Fellow Co-working, two restaurants, a winery and lots more.

You can find out more about Dario and Heat Speak at their website:

Ellingson for Peace - Song by Dario Ré and Heat Speak

Here's Dario's description of the video on the Heat Speak Music website:
Larry Ellingson is an extremely talented multifaceted visual and sound artist here in Spokane and a friend who has become very dear to my heart. One day I found myself writing a song at my piano thinking about aging, connections, goals; it eventually became ‘Ellingson for Peace’—a campaign for a grounded future. I scored and demoed the song. Then the band played through a couple times and Tim Gales took home the ideas and scored accompaniment for violin and two cellos—the first collaboration of its kind. Chris Kelsey tracked drums, I added a second harmony and some egg shaker and it became clear that the song was asking to be visualized. So it only made sense to ask Larry to star in the film.

What a rewarding collaboration it has been between the band members; our videographer, Morgan Caldbeck of JL Tech; our mastering engineer, Augustine Detar; and Larry in his beautiful home/studio.

Filmed at Larry Ellingson's home/studio and the Woman’s Club in Spokane, Washington, February-August 2021

Produced by Heat Speak
Starring Larry Ellingson
Intro video "Acid Bus" by Larry Ellingson
Song written by Dario Ré
String arrangement written by Tim Gales
Recorded and mixed by Dario Ré at the Mystic Homestead in Spokane, Washington
Mastered by Gus Detar at Detar Studios in Santa Barbara, California
Filmed and edited by Morgan Caldbeck of JL Tech
Directed by Dario Ré

Dario Ré - piano, vocals, egg shaker
Phil Pintor - violin
Tim Gales - cellos
Michael Starry - upright bass
Chris Kelsey - drum kit