I made a ceramic face for the front of the main box in this assembly. it has shelves for handmade artifacts and a window that one can view a lighted assembly that appears to rest more deeply in the wall than is possible; the old "periscope" trick. You're actually looking down to the bottom of the box through a 45-degree angled mirror. And there's a gloved hand holding the 2"-videotape box that houses the CD player and power supplies. And the speakers are decorated with pencils, straws and tubes.

This unit is one of four pieces, all equally complex, that each make sound. This one played "Melodies." (See "Insulator Box," "Gilbert Udder" and "Crystal Slinky Box.") This series was first iteration of what evolved to "Four Voices" in 2013. The idea still has legs. It will probably reappear again. (See "Four Voices" in the ART for SALE Gallery for the complete description of exactly how these pieces worked together.)

Collection of Ruby Devine and Steve Schneider

Deeper Than Expected
Deeper Than Expected
32”w x 40”h x 6.5”d