An old soft drink case forms the structure for this piece filled with all kinds of things chosen for their inability to go together nicely. Chaos is the goal. The name comes from the sugar crystal swizzle sticks and the undersized Slinky (tm) draped through the upper section. Painting and finishing uses contrasting colors and textures that strive to not go together very well. The bottom of the large box contains a CD player and amplifier. I think the location of the speakers is obvious? The pretty little brown box contains all the power supplies for the lighting and sound gear. The power switch is switch by pressing the upper panel on the big box.

This unit is one of four pieces, all equally complex, that each make sound. This one played "Sound Effects." (See "Insulator Box," "Gilbert Udder" and "Deeper than Expected.") This series is the first iteration of what evolved to "Four Voices" in 2013. The idea still has legs. It will probably reappear again. (See "Four Voices" in the ART for SALE Gallery for the complete description of exactly how these pieces worked together.)

Collection of Ruby Devine and Steve Schneider

Slinky Crystal Dream
Slinky Crystal Dream
39”w x 41”h x 7”d