When visiting the Taj Mahal I obsessed over taking photographs of the tiles on the "patio," the expansive marble deck surrounding the mausoleum. (You knew it's a mausoleum, right?) I found odd marks that weren't makers marks that seemed to join some of the pieces. Guessing the were evidence of long-forgotten repairs I shot images of a few of them.

These marks reminded me of Joan Miro's painting of the early 40s. So I exposed the original image three times, each successively more contrasted. The original image was transferred to the canvas and the other two were printed on transparency film and mounted in layers spaced 15 cm apart from each other and the canvas. The beads hold the supports in place and, well...look kinda cool.

Miro Patches Taj Mahal
Miro Patches Taj Mahal
9”w x 7”h x 3.5”d