When we visited the Taj Mahal in India, I was fascinated with the aging inlaid tile on the side of the mausoleum. I used three images from that day in a multiple photo transfer to a framed canvas. I used copper mill shavings to fill the "seams" between the pictures and then laminated some details of the original images to float above the surface. I was looking at my own hands as I worked. I was trying to form my fingers into the same shapes as the inlay designs. So i grabbed my camera and photographed my hands in those "poses." After printing them on laser transparency film and spraying them with a matte finish, I mounted them to float higher than the other elements. A copper tube assembly and the addition of a burned miniature pool ball finished it. Note the image of my hand with my Mickey Mouse watch.

Collection of David Michael

18”w x 22”h x 5”d