The background, which can barely be seen at this angle, is a thin piece of slate. A tractor clutch plate gear combined with a round piece of steel created the circular design in the upper left corner. I finally found a place for partially destroyed travel chess set and a run over piece of chrome. The trophy "angel" partially hidden by fur from an old coat I bought at Dennis Held's Area 51 shop. There's also some small bones I got from the Texas Bone Lady. Train pieces, bamboo and radiator tape complete the lower section. The eight red glass pieces are chunks of millefiori I bought in person in Milano. The seven red and white pieces are Chinese beads. And finally, tassels. I love tassels.

Private Collection

Slate Landscape #4 - Red Paint Chess Train
Slate Landscape #4 - Red Paint Chess Train
10”w x 20”h x 2”d