A picture was shown in Inland Crafts promotional material in 2010 of Pagodak Camera (see it in Art that Sold Gallery) and my friend Dean Davis came to my booth to buy it. But it had already found a buyer early that morning. Dean invited me to come by his studio and look through some old gear. A ruined 4x5 camera looked like a likely candidate for a new creation.

I combined the unused lens and shutter assembly left over from the Pagodak piece with the new camera. I tried some new things like hidden cold cathode lighting, LEDs embedded in the ends of frosted plastic rods, colored epoxy resin poured in "plates" formed from lithograph press plates and the placement of film transparencies throughout the piece.

Collection of Dean Davis Photography

Sub-dimensional Spectrum Detector
Sub-dimensional Spectrum Detector
9”w x 24”h 19”d