The Door was commissioned by my client for a veteran of the hotel industry, who I'll refer to as my subject, He lives and works in Spokane, Washington. Most of the artifacts came from hotel properties his company owns.
1) The door – This door had been damaged beyond repair when it was necessary to break into a room in a lost-key situation. When I received it, it was too heavy for me to carry it up the stairs to my studio so I cut out the upper and lower inset panels to reduce weight. Then I wrapped the entire door in copper sheeting, with verdigris finishing.
2) The wheel - A kinetic (it spins!) puzzle that when lined up properly, pairs my subject's name tags with the respective locations at which he worked. The wheel background is a blown up photo of the postcard from his parents' motel in Pasco.
3) The shower head – Copper wire streams from the head drift to work locations and the six states in which my subject's company operates.
4) The copper starburst - A familiar hospitality logo is rendered in folded and scribed recycled copper surrounding a stainless steel Baby Moon hubcap.
5) The microwave - Taken from a hotel room in Great Falls, this unit now contains an LCD screen showing images from his life and career.
6) The “blossoms” - A corporate coffee mug rotates inside a deep fryer basket, powered by the turntable motor from the microwave above. Illumination is provided by LEDs. The illumination and the turning action is turned on and off by the 24-hour wake-up-call clock in the second “blossom” below the rotating mug. Both features are surrounded with "petals" made of printed memories of life and career, ranging from logos, photographs, and print materials.
7) The doorhandle - The original door's faceplate, with card-key slot and handle, now sports a red-status light and yellow-illuminated card slot.

The Door
The Door
89"h x 42"w x 14"d